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Sea sports

Sea sports

Waters of Stavros beach are exceptional for underwater exploration, with a far-reaching view. Let’s just say that in the area you can see the bottom of the sea.

When it comes to water sports, Stavros Thessaloniki offer a couple of these engaging activities, with canoeing and pedal sea biking as some of the most favorite. However, if you are up to some of the activities you are more accustomed to, you will have no trouble in finding beach volley. If you happen to be in a larger company, a majority of football, mini-football and basketball courts can be found in Stavros.

The area is also popular with the motorcyclists, thanks to its engaging and curving routes.

Fishing is one more popular activity and you can find people with their fishing equipment even during early hours. There is no need to burden yourself with fishing equipment; you can get equipped very well with nets, hooks, fishing rods and other fishing stuff on the site.