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Spa Center of Nea Apollonia

Spa Center of Nea Apollonia

The Thermal Spa Center of Nea Apollonia is located on the road Thessaloniki – Kavala.

The town of the Baths of Nea Apollonia combines the beauty of the lake, the healing properties of hot springs, the mountains and the clean air of the countryside.

To water of the spas in New Apollonia is characterized as Hyperthermia (Na, K, SO4, HCO3, F, B) oligometallic hypotonic.

The spring of baths, having a temperature of 49°-57° C, draws water from deeper horizons, it has radioactivity 2.55 Mache units and is characterized as an alkaline sulfur spring.

The second spring of the ruined Byzantine bath is characterized as alkaline sulfur spring with radioactivity of 4.35 Mache units and the temperature in 1937 was 38° C. This spring has not been in use for many years and is a monument of archaeological importance for the region.

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